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Transcend Serum
  • Transcend Serum


    Transcend Serum is a luxury hair treatment oil infused with hemp CBD distillate to restore stressed and damaged hair. This silicone-free serum corrects breakage caused by hair coloring, (chemical services) daily heat styling and environmental damage. Eliminate frizz, fly-a-ways and add natural shine to dull hair.

    • Start by adding 2 to 6 drops to palms of hands and gently rub together to emulsify. Distribute focusing on the ends and mid-shaft of wet or dry hair. Use more product as needed for extra length and thickness. On wet hair, blow-dry or air-dry for detangling, heat protection, smoothing and adding shine. On dry hair, use to eliminate frizz, add glass-like shine to straight looks, define curly and wavey texture or create wet, slick looks. Get creative!

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