O U R  S T O R Y

"As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life -- and travel -- leaves marks on you. -Anthony Bourdain



Jen is a Los Angeles based editorial + film hairstylist with a background in chemistry. She is originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and yes, she loves cheese and craft beer. When she isn't focused on work, she enjoys working out, spontaneous road trips and finding the best brunch spot in LA. Her favorite TV show is "No Reservations" and aspires to cross all of the destinations off her "travel bucket list."

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Chief Financial Officer

Robert is a Culinary Institute of America alum, who grew up splitting time on the East Coast in Boston & D.C. Robert enjoys finding hidden gem restaurants' throughout LA trying new dishes and wine. He is an avid soccer player, surfer and loves hiking excursions. He speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English fluently.

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Brand Liaison

Kevin grew up on a farm outside of Salt Lake City Utah, before assuming his Brand Liaison position in Los Angeles. He is a master at networking and providing brand exposure. When he is not busy working, he enjoys tug of war games, doggie day care and convincing friends to give him snacks.

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The word Nomad is synonymous with change and exploration; reinventing yourself, continuously growing and adapting to your surroundings. Nomad as a brand supports those looking for a change in their beauty routines while caring for the world around them. We are proud to be transparent with our bio-friendly chemical formulating practices and only blend safe, natural ingredients for our hair care products. We select premium CBD derived from hemp for the perfect balance of a calming and revitalizing experience.


Nomad founder, Jen Fassino, is a hairdresser with 12+ years experience in the beauty industry--including film, television and editorial styling. After years of working with multiple brands behind the chair and on set, she noticed various skin conditions starting to develop on her hands, face, and skin. She discovered the common irritant in her favorite products was silicone and any of its derivatives. In hair care specifically, silicone-based products help fight frizz, create "glass-like texture" and add synthetic shine. Upon further research, she realized silicone is extremely comedogenic due to its plastic and rubber-like composition. The gap in the "non-silicone" market lead her to create the brand.


After moving to L.A., Jen fell in love with the healing attributes topical CBD use had on her body and mind. The lightweight oil's texture had a similar feel to silicone without the harsh side effects on her skin. She began adding it to her hair products, and knew immediately it had to be the key ingredient in her product line. As one of the highest percentages of omega 3, 6, & 9, CBD oil creates a natural vs. synthetic shine and smooth textures to hair. The terpenes (scent molecules found in all plants + flowers) in CBD offer "aromatherapy" like qualities (similar to Lavender, Jasmine, and Eucalyptus) that assist with "calming and relaxation" when applied to skin and hair.

Jen's overall mission and goal is to bring clean chemical formulation practices to the forefront of hair care and raise the bar for product quality. She believes no one should develop health issues in their pursuit of beauty.